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Survival Skills You Should Instill In Your Children

As parents, we have a responsibility to prepare our children for the realities of the real world. In doing so, we must also protect them from the dangers. Compiled is a list of the most important survival skills your child must know:

  • When children become lost, their first instinct is to panic and search for you. You must explain to your child the importance of staying exactly where they are once they realize they are lost. Provide them with the peace of mind knowing you are searching for them, and when they move, they make it harder.
  • Stress the importance of not answering the door when nobody else is at home. All doors and windows should be locked when the young individual is home alone.
  • While your child may know that they can call 911 if there is an emergency, they likely don’t know how to handle the phone call. Rehearse 911 phone calls so that the child knows exactly what information they must provide the emergency operator with.
  • Most importantly, teach your children at a young age the importance of being aware of their surroundings at all times.

Idaho Insurance encourages you to take the time to discuss these survival tactics with your young ones. Contact us today for all of your Idaho insurance needs.

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