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How to Safely Deal With a Roadside Emergency

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Roadside Emergency Tips

No matter how safe you are on the road, there is always the risk of having to deal with a roadside emergency. No matter if it is a flat tire or running out of gas miles from the nearest gas station, knowing how to deal with the issue can help keep you calm and safe. Keep these tips in mind to help you better deal with any roadside emergency that you may encounter.

  • Get off the road – if you are still able to move your car, move it off the road, or at least to the shoulder. Always move to the furthest right lane if you are not able to completely get off the road. While trying to pull over, make sure to continuously look around you and use your signals to let people know what you are trying to do.
  • Alert other drivers – turn on the hazard lights in your vehicle, by hitting the large red triangle button on your dashboard or steering wheel. Your hazards will let people know that there is something wrong and that you are not just checking your phone on the side of the road.
  • Safely get out of your car – before you open your door and try to get out, check to make sure that there is no oncoming traffic. If you think that you will be safer staying in your car, stay put and keep your seatbelt on until help arrives.
  • Stay with your car – do not wander off while you are waiting for help to arrive. When help does show up, they will need to talk to you. If you are nowhere to be found, they may leave your car where it is sitting, or take the car, leaving you stranded.

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