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Avoid Painful Bug Bites With These Tips


Preventing Bug Bites

The first day of fall is just a few of days away, which means that all the summer bugs are out soaking up the end of the summer heat. Bugs are needed to help keep the ecosystem in check, but that does not mean that you have to deal with painful and annoying bug bites. Keep these bug bite prevention tips in mind to help keep you comfortable throughout the season.

  • Don’t attract bees or wasps – these flying critters are attracted to anything that they think they can eat. Cover up your food when eating outside and try to avoid scented body products or perfume that may attract them.
  • Be nice – most of the time, flying bugs come near you to check you out. Instead of swatting at them that can make them defensive and more likely to sting, simply move away from where they are flying.
  • Stay off the grass – some outdoor places have more bugs than others, including the grass. Not only can many types of bugs hide in the grass, but grass itself can also cause an allergic reaction.
  • Use protection – minimizing the amount of exposed skin is one of the easiest ways to reduce your chances of being bit by a bug. Any exposed skin should be sprayed with a bug spray that contains DEET to keep you protected.
  • Know basic first aid skills – knowing how to remove a bee stinger and soothe other types of bug bites can help you feel much more comfortable throughout the end of the season.

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