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How a Commercial Liability Policy Can Protect Your Business


Commercial Liability Policy 101

In Idaho, a business is considered a small business if it has less than 500 employees. Even though this can be just a fraction of the size of large corporations in the state, small business owners still need to ensure that they protect their business and employees with the right insurance policy.

One of the most important business insurance policies that you can invest in as a business owner is a commercial liability policy. Sometimes known as business liability or commercial general liability, this policy is meant to provide coverage for any financial losses as the result of injury or damage claims that you or your employees cause. Most commercial liability insurance policies will provide protection in case of:

  • Bodily injury – which will provide coverage in case of physical damage that is caused by you or an employee to someone other than an employee, no matter if it is at their home or workplace.
  • Personal injury – any slander, libel, invasion or property or privacy, copyright infringement, false arrest, wrongful eviction, or similar acts that can cause damage to a person’s right or reputation will be covered.
  • Property damage – will cover any damage that is caused to another person’s property by you or an employee of your company while you are conducting business.
  • Legal defense and judgements – any costs that are incurred when defending your business against both frivolous and real lawsuits, as well as any judgements that are awarded, up to the limits of your policy. Keep in mind that this will most likely not provide coverage for willful misconduct or punitive damages for negligence.

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