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Do You Really Need ATV Insurance?

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Do’s and Don’ts of ATV Insurance

Owning an ATV allows you to enjoy the back roads of Idaho that you cannot get to with a regular vehicle. Along with making sure that you have the right safety gear while riding, it is also important to make sure that you have the right amount of insurance protection. While everyone can benefit from investing in an ATV insurance policy, there may some situations in which you do not need ATV insurance. Knowing when you do and do not need ATV insurance can help to ensure that you do not waste any money.

You need to invest in an ATV insurance policy for:

  • Other people’s property – accidents happen, and if you cause any damage to another person’s property, you will be responsible for the repairs. An ATV insurance policy will provide coverage for the cost of the repairs.
  • Injuries to others – ATV insurance will provide medical payments coverage if someone is injured by your ATV, no matter if they were riding it or if they were hit.
  • Personal injury – if you are injured on your own ATV, whether it was your fault or not, your medical bills can be very expensive. An ATV insurance policy will provide coverage for your medical bills to ensure that you do not have to empty your wallet to cover the costs.

The only time that you have the option to skip out on ATV insurance is if you will only be driving it on your own property. No matter if you only drive it for fun, or use it as farm equipment, your home insurance policy will provide coverage. Keep in mind that as soon as your ATV leaves your property, it will no longer be protected.

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