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Copyright Facts to Keep Your Company Protected

Copyright issues

Social media is a great way for your company to spread the word and connect with customers and clients. If your company is choosing to publish and share found content there are a few things that need to be cleared up about copyright. Sharing copyrighted information over social media can get your company in a bit of trouble so here are some copyright facts that your company might not have known about.

  • Sharing another person’s intellectual property is infringing on their copyright. If the employees of your company are unaware of this, it can result in an expensive lawsuit that could potentially hurt your company’s reputation.
  • Although you may believe that the Internet is a public domain, articles that are found online are not free for all and are usually copyrighted.
  • Even if you feel as though you do not need to address copyright as a company issue it still should be approached as one. Keep your company protected and avoid lawsuits by knowing exactly what your employees post online.
  • Buying an article does not mean you can share it. When you buy an article you are paying for your own access to the article, not sharing rights.
  • Buying a subscription also does not give you sharing rights. Make sure to read the subscription agreement to understand the rights given to you by the publisher.
  • Citing the source and the name of the author before sharing an article is extremely important and failing to do so could lead to a lawsuit for copyright infringement.
  • General liability insurance does not cover copyright infringement suits under bodily injury and property damage liability.

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