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Contingent Business Income Insurance Coverage


While business operations vary across all fronts, the majority of businesses are unable to operate if their suppliers or vendors don’t do their part of the job. For example, a restaurant is unable to operate if their produce supplier decides not to show up on Monday. Although the restaurant provides the service, without the supplies, it becomes impossible to continue operating.

Loss of contingent income is a type of business insurance that protects businesses from contingent business interruption. Therefore, if the reason why your produce supplier didn’t make its delivery on Monday was because there was a structural fire, this insurance policy would provide you with the means to find a new supplier in the meantime. This form of insurance is similar to business income interruption insurance, as it provides you with loss of income coverage when business operations are forced to cease for a temporary period of time. However, it’s required that the physical loss be one of the named perils of the insurance policy.

This insurance policy will provide you with coverage from any dependent properties. A dependent property is classified as anyone that is depended on for business operations to be followed through. This includes companies that deliver materials or services to you, as well as those who accept products or services if you’re the manufacturer.  Likewise, manufactured goods are also covered under this policy. A unique coverage option under this policy is when you depend on someone who attracts customers to your business. For example, a coffee shop located inside a grocery store depends on the grocery store to attract customers.

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