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Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Group of kids in Halloween costumes looks down


Happy Halloween from the Idaho Insurance Team! With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start refreshing our memories of the important safety tips that will ensure a pleasant evening. As the roads fill with intoxicated drivers going to and from their parties, it becomes increasingly more important that those whom are trick or treating are diligent in staying safe! Gathered are some helpful safety tips so that your Halloween can be memorable for the right reasons:

  • When making your child’s Halloween costume, make sure to use bright colors or reflective tape to increase visibility on the dark roads. Another way to increase visibility in a way that your child will like is to have each child hold some glow sticks!
  • Even though you view the streets as filled with children and parents collecting candy, partygoers view neighborhoods as obstacles, meaning they may be inclined to speed and run red lights. Make sure to always look both ways before crossing any roads, no matter how safe you may think it is!
  • Always have your cell phone on you, however, make sure it’s not a dangerous distraction. When you’re looking down at your phone, you risk missing something important.
  • Before allowing your child to enjoy their Halloween candy, make sure to look through it and see if anything was tampered with. Candy with faded labeling or homemade labels should be disposed of immediately. Additionally, it may be beneficial for you to cook your family’s favorite meal before the big day of trick or treating so that they don’t over indulge on candy.

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