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What To Do When You Need To File A Homeowners Insurance Claim

In the wake of theft or disaster, do you know the steps you’ll need to take to recover from those losses? Here, we’ll attempt to offer practical steps you can take to get your claim filed quickly.

  1. Theft/Burglary. If losses at your home happened as the result of theft or a burglary, be sure to contact your local law enforcement office as soon as possible. Investigators will need to come out, assess the scene and issue you a police report (which will reflect their assessments).
  2. Take Pictures. If it’s safe for you to be inside your home, take photos in each room, especially those rooms wherein you know losses, theft or damage has occurred. This can often provide necessary evidence proving exactly what losses and damages have happened at your residence. If you have maintained an inventory of household items (and you should always have one), it’s good to access these lists, pictures or video footage, if possible, in case it’s needed later.
  3. Vacate The Home. If the disaster you’ve experienced left your home uninhabitable, move to a safe location. However, keep ALL your receipts (lodging, meals, repairs, etc.). Also, be sure to keep damaged items (insurance adjusters may want to view the items in the midst of processing your claim).
  4. Contact Your Insurance Agent. When you contact your insurance agent, all the following information ready: Your policy number, date and time of incident, name of law enforcement agency, the police report number and a details regarding the damage to your home.

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