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Keep Vermin Out Of Your House This Fall

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September 23rd marks the first day of fall and all homeowners should be prepared for the cold weather ahead of time. Cold weather may bring unwanted pests and vermin looking for warmth into your home. Avoid damages to your home and things that could negatively affect the health of you and your family by locking these pesky pests out.

The disturbance of vermin in your home should not be taken lightly. Before you start feeling bad for leaving these creatures out in the cold, think about the affects they could have on your home and family. Rodents carrying awful diseases like salmonella are the number one suspect of the fall break ins. Mice or rats that get in can also cause some serious wire damage and often build nests in the walls that are so dry that they can possibly spark a fire.

Bugs that may initially seem harmless can be extremely dangerous when given access to your home. Cockroaches and flies may carry awful diseases like tuberculosis and typhoid that you could accidentally be let into your home. The spit of cockroaches is known to cause asthma in children so you really do not want to take any chances with putting your children in harm’s way. Insects that sting also tend to grow in numbers in the fall so beware of potential stings that can happen if they get into your home.

If these are all things that seem bothersome to you there is no need to worry. Forget the stress this fall and prepare by locking up any entry these vermin may have to your home. Install or repair damaged screens and cover any openings that may let pests in your home. Try not to leave food about in your household and clean out your trash as frequently as possible.

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