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Commercial Auto Insurance For Your Organization

In business, making sure you have the right auto insurance can be a challenge.  Here are some questions that could help you in the process from Idaho Insurance.

  1. Do you require more liability?  Most of the time, there are higher liability limits in commercial auto policies.  If you are in an area that is not grouped together with commercial auto risks, there may be less or no coverage available.
  2. Do you or your employees use personal cars for business purposes? This is a critical question that must be addressed in your business.
  3. Are special circumstances covered?  Your company may occasionally tow a trailer not owned by you for business purposes. Will you be covered?
  4. Do you have to list any employees as potential drivers? This can be done with a commercial auto policy.

At Idaho Insurance of Caldwell, we can help you with your commercial auto and truck insurance. Contact us today for a free quote. Commercial rates can change frequently so make sure you are getting the best policy at the best price with affordable insurance from Idaho Insurance.

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