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Top 6 Worker’s Compensation Claims

Worker’s Compensation Claims

Worker’s compensation insurance is designed to help protect all of your employees from the financial stress of being injured while on the job. The policy also works to protect you as an employer by preventing any employee from suing you after getting hurt on the job. Knowing what accidents to look out for can help to make sure that your worker’s comp premiums stay as low as possible.

The most common worker’s compensation insurance claims to look out for include:

  1. Overexertion – this occurs when an employee pulls, lifts, pushes, or throws an item, causing an injury. These injuries are caused when a joint is forced to move beyond its physical limits or when a muscle is pulled.
  2. Trips, slips, and falls – typical trips, slips, and falls on the job occur when the floor is wet, or when employees are walking on a snowy walkway.
  3. Fall to a lower level – typical falls to a lower level occur when an employee falls off a roof, ladder, or falls down a flight of stairs in any condition.
  4. Bodily reaction – these injuries occur when an employee slips or trips, is able to avoid falling, but is still injured, such as with a sprained or twisted ankle. This type of workplace injury can happen to anyone at any time.
  5. Struck by an object – this type of injury most commonly occurs when something falls of a shelf, or another worker drops an object onto a fellow employee who is on a lower level.
  6. Struck against an object – these injuries occur when an employee is physically forced into something or falls into an object, such as a barricade, bookshelf, or other stationary object.

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