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Common & Surprising Pet Hazards In Your Home

Common & Surprising Pet Hazards In Your HomeIs your pet exposed to these hazards at home?

At this point, your pet is a lot more than an animal that lives with your family. You might think of your four-legged friend as a member of the family his or herself!

We get it. Pets are special! We want to help you keep your pets safe in your home, so we’re highlighting these surprising—and surprisingly common—hazards they might be facing.


Okay, we know you’re not going to intentionally expose your pet to antifreeze! The problem is that it tastes and smells sweet, so even a little drip on your garage floor could be tempting – and poisonous. If you’re working with antifreeze at home, handle it very carefully, wipe up any spills, and store it safely away.


All too many caring pet owners have given their pets this pain reliever in an attempt to soothe them. It’s a nice thought, but you shouldn’t do it! Ibuprofen limits blood flow to the kidneys and harms the stomach linings of pets. It’s also important that you take the time to find and discard any dropped ibuprofen pills – even a single 200 mg tablet could kill a cat!


These bushes are beautiful but deadly. Even a little bite of this plant will put grayanotoxin, a poison, in your pet’s system! It’s best to steer completely clear of these plants on your walks with your pet and, if you have azaleas in your yard, to tear them out entirely.

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