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Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner, you should associate cyber security risk with large concerns. Here are some cyber security tips for small businesses to prevent future breaches.

Set Employee Rules

Establish rules for handling identifiable personal information.  Specify penalties for violations.

Use Current Software

Install and update software on every computer to find viruses, spyware and other issues.  Always take advantage of available patches and updates that fix security problems and double check that all updates install automatically.

Back Up Everything Important

Make a habit of backing up data and information at regular intervals on every computer.  Always back up human resource files, any financial files, databases, spreadsheets and word processing documents.  Automatic back up is ideal.  Otherwise, back up manually at least once a week.

Make Wi-Fi Secure

Wi-Fi networks should be both hidden and secure.  To make your network hidden, configure the router or wireless access point in a way to prevent it from broadcasting the network name.  You should also require passwords to access it and change the password assigned at purchase.

Have Sufficient Coverage

Just as you’d use commercial insurance to protect your physical plant, make sure to manage your information security risk by having a commercial policy in place. To get a quote or more information about personal or commercial insurance in Idaho, contact Idaho Insurance / Affordable Insurance in Caldwell, Idaho.

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