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DriveMode App: Put a Stop to Your Teen’s Texting and Driving

As soon as your cell phone dings, alerting you of a text message, you immediately want to pick it up and read it. However, this is an urge that must be avoided, as it leads to way too many car accidents. Unfortunately, this urge isn’t easy to ignore, especially for young teenagers. 

For parents that want to keep their teenagers safe while on the road should consider downloading the DriveMode app. This was developed by AT&T, who has been very vocal about their position on and raising awareness about texting and driving. 

Once a vehicle is driving more than 25 mph, the app automatically launches on the phone. If any texts or phone calls are made during this time, a message is automatically sent to the texter or caller that informs them their recipient is behind the wheel. The app can be deactivated upon arrival at their destination so that texts and calls can be returned. The DriveMode app is free of charge for those that have Android-operating and Blackberry phones. 

It’s important to keep your teen safe while behind the wheel of a car. Contact us today at Idaho Insurance / Affordable Insurance in Caldwell, Idaho, to get a quote or to add your teen to your auto insurance policy. 

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