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Going Green for Earth Day

Did you know Earth Day on April 22nd is actually the culmination of Earth Week that takes place from April 16th through the 22nd? It is a time to reflect on what we can do to better take care of the planet. It is also a time we can learn some interesting facts. Did you know for example, that each year almost 4 million people walk to work? Interestingly enough that is 5 times as many as those who bicycle!

Did you also know there are ways to start going green with your insurance?

Consider electronic billing to save paper invoicing and envelopes for payments. It will also save you a bit of green on your annual postage bill.

We also may be able to save you even more green with a homeowners policy review.

What about your car? Nobody wants to waste gas, but you may wasting money but not getting an auto policy review.  Things change in life and an auto policy review may be in order.

At Idaho Insurance / Affordable Insurance of Caldwell, Idaho, we encourage you to consider some of the small life changes you can make to help our planet along. It is, after all, the only one we’ve got.

Contact us and get a quote today. 

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