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Keeping Your College Student Healthy

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Health Insurance for College Students

Sending your child off to college is a very proud, yet scary time. While you are proud that they have been accepted to college, it also means that they will no longer be living under your roof. Keeping them protected with the right health insurance policy can help you have a little more peace of mind when you drive away from their dorm room.

Even if your child seems to be in perfect health, this can easily change while they are at college. All-nighters studying for tests and the close proximity to roommates can make even the healthiest child catch a few extra colds throughout the year. Also, the extra number of people who are around can expose your child to many new illnesses, including meningitis or mononucleosis. The prevalence of alcohol at college parties will also increase the chances of injury as well, which makes the right health insurance policy even more important.

Before you drop your child off at college, make sure to look over what type of health insurance coverage they currently have. Under the Affordable Care Act, your child is able to stay covered under your health insurance policy until they turn 26. If your child is going to an out of state school, make sure that there are health care providers in their college town that will work within your network.

If your existing health insurance plan will not provide enough protection, consider investing in a college health plan. Many colleges will offer affordable health insurance plans to students to provide protection while getting an education. Make sure to look at all of your options to ensure that your child is properly protected.

For all of your health insurance needs and to ensure that your child is protected while away at college, contact the insurance professionals at Idaho Insurance / Affordable Insurance in Caldwell, Idaho.

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