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Holiday Tips To Keep It From Getting Too Hot In The Kitchen!

Every year, the holiday season is a great time for everyone to get together, enjoying camaraderie as well as great food. This means someone is spending time in the kitchen and to ensure everyone enjoys as much of the holidays as possible, paying attention to fire hazards and cooking safety is the best way to make sure that happens. Here are a few tips to keep your holidays happy and fun!

– There are a lot of flammable things in a kitchen. Potholders, towels and food wrappers that stray onto a hot stove burner can cause a fire in a matter of seconds so disposing of empty food wrappers and paying attention to where potholders and towels are is essential.

– Minimize traffic. This way, if the floor is slick from a spill or if a stray elbow hits a pot, the chances of someone being injured is minimized. 

– Don’t leave a hot stove or oven unattended. Things can happen in an instant with spilled grease or an overheated skillet and having someone paying at least minimal attention can prevent a major fire.

While you can’t avoid all accidents in the kitchen, you can do a lot to minimize their impact on your holidays. Even if worse comes to worst, having an affordable insurance policy for your home means you’re fiscally protected. Working with great insurance companies like Idaho Insurance in the Caldwell Idaho area means you can relax and enjoy your holidays, even if you are the one doing all the cooking!

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