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How To Protect Your Home From Spring Water Damage

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Water Damage Protection

Spring is here, which means the threat of spring storms is also arriving. Strong weather conditions mixed with an aging house can make your home much more vulnerable to water damage. There are two major steps to take when you are protecting your house from water – sealing gaps and redirecting water. Make sure you know how to properly do both to ensure that you do not have to deal with a flooding house this spring.

It is very common for gaps and cracks to form around pipes, doors, and windows. These cracks can easily allow water to enter into your home during a storm, which means serious damage. If you find any cracks, make sure to re-caulk them. Make sure to use a waterproof caulking product to help prevent any mold growth if water does penetrate. You should also look for caulking products that are waterproof, in the case that the seal needs to match a certain color. Painting over caulking that is not paintable will cause it to dry out and crack much easier.

The other option you have to protect your home from water is to redirect any water that starts to pool around your house. Make sure that the grading of your property directs any water away from your house. If any water has already gotten into your house, evaluate the drainage throughout your entire property to see where the issues are. Add a waterproof membrane to any areas that the water has entered into your house. You should also consider adding French drains to help the water move away from your house.

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