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Insuring the Irreplaceable

We have insurance for our homes, our cars, even our bodies. We don’t want bad things to happen, but if it does, insurance provides the means to replace or repair those things that can be mended. Many people with big policies think they have all the coverage they need, until disaster strikes and they realize they have forgotten to insure some of the most important documents in their lives.

It should never take an emergency to remind you to back up those items that cannot be easily replaced. If you have not created backup copies of all your important paperwork, and then stored that paperwork in a safe location, you are not completely covered. Essential documents, like wills, other legal documents and insurance information, should either be saved to a virtual storage space, like cloud storage, or to a physical storage space, like a safety deposit box at a bank.

At Idaho Insurance/Affordable Insurance, we can make sure you have all the coverage you need, but we can’t bring back your important data once it’s gone. So, back that paperwork up and find a place for safe-keeping, and, when you’re in the market for insurance, contact us.

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