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Life Insurance: Can You Separate the Facts from the Myths?

When it comes to life insurance, there is a lot of misconception about it. Most people do not even have life insurance, let alone consider it, but those who do have a life insurance policy generally do not have enough of it. It’s important to be able to separate the facts from the myths. Here are four myths, along with the truth:

Myth #1: I shouldn’t concern myself with my health

Fact: Although you can get a life insurance policy with no medical exam, these policies won’t pay for much once you pass. Plus, they cost a pretty penny. If you must go with a guaranteed, no medical exam product, compare quotes.

Myth #2: Life insurance is not reasonably priced.

Fact: Life insurance is actually one of the most reasonable types of insurance. In fact, depending on the duration term, your age and coverage amount, you may be able to get a decent life insurance policy for under $20 per month.

Myth #3: I can save money working with several insurance agents.

Fact: This is actually just going to be very confusing for you, as you’ll have to examine the quotes from each agent yourself. Instead, find an agent that deals with multiple life insurance companies.

Myth #4: I don’t have children and I’m young, so I don’t require life insurance.

Fact: Life insurance is a good idea for anyone, especially if you are supporting a family member or partner or have a large amount of debt. Otherwise, you are leaving your loved ones behind with a financial disaster when you die.

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