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Maintenance Tips for Older Cars

According to the U. S. Census bureau, over 6.5 million people drive more than an hour to and from work each day. When you add in trips to the grocery store, soccer practice for the kids, and visiting Grandma, your car can rack up hundreds of miles each week. Because of the tough economic times visiting many parts of the country, many people are forgoing the purchase of a new car in favor of keeping an older car rolling. Often, it is cheaper to maintain and repair an older, paid-for vehicle than to have a monthly car payment.

However, to keep your older car healthy, you should pay attention to these three essential car maintenance chores.

1. Oil

Check the oil regularly and stay on top of changing your oil as recommended. Kelly Blue Book says that this task is the most important chore for your engine. You can shave years off of your car’s life by neglecting this job.

2. Other Fluids

Keep an eye on your coolant levels, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. Check out your car’s owner’s manual to see the recommended intervals for changing these essential fluids in your car.

3. Wheel Bearings

The bearings in your wheels help the wheels turn more freely on the axle. In time, however, the grease surrounding the bearings can escape or get dirty. Get your wheels inspected when you have your car serviced to make sure that your wheels are in top notch condition. You may periodically need to have the wheel bearings flushed and "repacked" with grease. Find a trusted service center to do this job for you.

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