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Merrier and Brighter: Avoiding Seasonal Safety Hazards

The holidays can be a stressful time.  Beneath the Christmas magic, the glistening decoration, the glittering lights, there are many real safety hazards which can hurt your property, yourself, or your family.  To safeguard your loved ones from the most common of these hazards, follow a few easy tips from Idaho Insurance:

Ensure that sources of heat or open flame are kept well away from hanging decorations.  Candles, radiators, and hot plates can all be sources of holiday fire in your home.

The Christmas tree is a beautiful seasonal addition to your decor, but coupled with an incendiary it can prove deadly.  From 2006-2012, fire departments responded to approximately 230 house fires nationwide which were linked to Christmas trees.  Don’t become a statistic; make sure the tree is nestled well away from potential fire hazards.

Check your lights to ensure that the cords and plugs are in good condition; a faulty connection can be the source of an electrical fire (electrics were involved in 1/3rd of Christmas tree related fires between 2006-2012).

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