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Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for the Road


Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

There is no better way to enjoy the warm spring weather than jumping on your motorcycle and hitting the open road. Before you put on your leathers and strap on your helmet, keep these motorcycle maintenance tips in mind to ensure that your bike is ready for the season.

  • Check out the tires – this is especially important if your bike has been sitting all winter long. Look for any slow flats, punctures, or other issues that could mean danger on the road. Also, check the PSI of both tires since they probably lost a little air pressure during winter.
  • Look at the battery – while your battery was sitting and not being used, it most likely ran out of power or decreased in power. If it is time to replace your battery, make sure to check the owner’s manual to ensure that you invest in the right battery for your needs.
  • Fill ‘er up – old gas that has been sitting in the tank can mean serious issues. Gas that is stored for a significant amount of time, such as the long winter months, can clog or corrode systems within your bike, which could make it impossible to get your bike started. Drain your gas tank and fill it up with fresh gas.
  • Check the other fluids – while you are working with the gas, it is the perfect time to also check all the other fluids. Also, make sure to change the oil filter to ensure that your bike runs its best.
  • Turn on the lights – make sure your lights and turn signals are working properly. Replace any bulbs that are burnt out or dimmer than they should be.

Most importantly, look over your motorcycle insurance policy to make sure that you have the right amount of protection for any issues you may run into on the road. Contact Idaho Insurance / Affordable Insurance in Caldwell, Idaho for all of your motorcycle insurance needs.

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