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Natural Disaster Plan: Be Prepared!

Are you prepared if disaster strikes?

Prepare for Water – Seal all cracks and walls of your basement. Add a waterproof membrane to the outside of your home to protect the foundation.

Prepare for Ice and Snow – Heavy snow could damage your home, so keep it cleared from you windows, walls and roof. Also, prevent pipes from freezing by keeping your garage door closed and any exposed pipes insulated.

Prepare for Wind – Objects in your yard could easily become projectile objects if not brought inside during a storm. A garage door brace system and shutters for your doors and windows will also help prevent damage.

Prepare for Hail – Storm windows and a heavy duty roof cover will protect your home from hail damage.

Prepare for Earthquakes – Anchor all heavy furniture like bookcases to your walls and secure open walls and your chimney with braces.

Prepare for Wildfire – Use stone or gravel in your gardens to avoid flammable materials like mulch. Also, install a spark arrestor in your chimney to keep any embers from floating into the dry surroundings.

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