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Insurance Policies That Your Small Non-Profit Needs

Owning a small profit business comes with certain responsibilities that you will not have to deal with when running a traditional business. However, just like any other business, you are still responsible for making sure that your business and employees are protected with the right insurance policies. There are certain insurance policies that all small non-profits should invest in, including:

  • General liability – sometimes known as commercial general liability, this policy will cover your non-profit for any damages that a visitor sustains while on your premises. Keep in mind that the coverage will not provide any protection for your employees if they are injured while at work, only a worker’s compensation policy will be able to do that.
  • Professional liability – also known as errors and omissions, this policy will provide coverage for your non-profit for any lawsuits that are the result of discrimination, sexual harassment, organization mismanagement, and any other similar claims. It will provide coverage for your employees, board, and volunteers.
  • Product liability – which will provide coverage for any claims dealing with products that you sold for fundraising that causes illness, injury, or death.
  • Commercial vehicle – if you have any vehicles that are used by employees of your non-profit, or if any employees or volunteers use their own vehicle for business purposes, you will need to invest in a commercial vehicle insurance policy.
  • Property insurance – which will provide coverage for any damage and loss that is caused by theft, vandalism, fire, storms, and other perils that are named on your policy, even if you do not own the property.

For all of your non-profit business insurance needs, and to keep your small non-profit safe, contact Idaho Insurance / Affordable Insurance in Caldwell, Idaho. As an independent insurance company, we will work with you to make sure that you have the protection that you deserve, all at the right price.

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