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Safeguarding Your Identity During Tax Season

Employers have made haste and sent out those tax documents for the year, so now it’s up to you to protect that information and keep it safe. Your W-2 or 1099 will contain a lot of personal information, with most including the whole Social Security number and your home address. Here are a few simple ways to protect yourself.

Invest in a locking file cabinet for paperwork you need to keep, and shred the rest. Physical security is essential when dealing with hard copies.

Keep an eye on your mail and don’t let it unchecked until all your tax paperwork comes in. Dedicated identity thieves will spend hours or even days waiting for the moment to swoop in and pick up a range of SSNs and addresses to use.

Look out for tax-related warning signs. If you receive W-2s for jobs you didn’t work, something is wrong and you should contact the IRS immediately for help.

The right type of insurance could protect you from issues with identity theft. Get a quote and contact Idaho Insurance / Affordable Insurance for help in Caldwell today.

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