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5 Summer Driving Tips to Decrease The Dangers

Despite popular belief, the roads become more dangerous during the summer. There are a variety of aspects that lead to the increased dangers that you must be on the lookout for. Compiled are 5 dangerous summer driving trends you must be careful for:

  1. School recess means there are an increased number of teen drivers on the road. Since these inexperienced drivers tend to partake in risky driving habits, you must drive with extra caution.
  2. Know the feeling of excitement and anticipation as you speed to your summer destination spot? Expect there to be a heavy presence of vacationers who are eager to arrive at their summer vacation spot. These drivers may partake in dangerous driving habits such as road rage, speeding, etc.
  3. The summer temperatures often lead to an increased number of tire blowouts because the heat causes tires to expand. Make sure to have your tires replaced and rotated as suggested.
  4. Summer weather conditions often lead to an increased number of construction projects, so be sure to share the road and slow down in construction zones.
  5. Likewise, you can expect an increased amount of cyclists on the road, and you must share the road!

Idaho Insurance encourages you to take extra cautious on the roads this summer. Contact Idaho Insurance for all of your Caldwell, Idaho auto insurance needs.

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