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Three Tips for Spring Home Maintenance

Spring is on the way, and if you are like most people, you may be tackling some chores around the house to get ready for the warmer weather. In addition to scrubbing and organizing the house, don’t forget to tackle these three home maintenance chores. These tips are often overlooked, but they are necessary tasks for every homeowner.

1. Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

These alarms are only as good as the batteries in them.  When the time changes in the spring and fall, put in new batteries and test the alarm to make sure it’s working properly. If your alarms are more than ten years old, you should replace them.

2. Empty your medicine cabinet.

Most people have a stash of prescription drugs that they never finished. Don’t save narcotics for the next time your back "goes out." These bottles are frequently stolen in break-ins, so go ahead and get rid of these powerful medications. While you are at it, check the expiration dates on your other medicines and get rid of any that are out of date.

3. Flush your hot water heater.

If you have hard water, mineral deposits can quickly build up in your hot water heater and ruin the heating element. Shut off the power to the unit and the water supply. Attach a garden hose to the drain on the bottom of the water heater, and open the valve. Allow all the water to drain before you close the valve and turn everything back on. This will get sediment out of your hot water heater and improve its efficiency.

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