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4 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Road Trip

Have you and your family decided to road trip this year for your summer vacation? If so, you are in for an amazing trip! You don’t have to leave your eco-friendly tendencies back at home while you enjoy the open road. Compiled are 4 tips to continue living an eco-friendly lifestyle on your road trip:

  1. While you may be inclined to speed due to the anticipation of arriving at your destination, you are not only risking a hefty speeding ticket, but you are also reducing your fuel economy by about 10%. Keep the pedal off the metal and you won’t have to refuel as much.
  2. Go green by avoiding excess items in the trunk. Clear the trunk of your car before the road trip so that you are only bringing what is absolutely necessary.
  3. Avoid unnecessary pit stops where you indulge in unhealthy fast food items. Rather, pack snacks and meals for your road trip, so that you don’t have to pull over as much and waste gas.
  4. When you must pull over, reduce the evaporation of fuel by parking in a shady spot and using a windshield shade.

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