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Tips When New Car Shopping

If the holiday season has you new car shopping, you can get lost in the maze on online reviews, options and technology. There are some tips that can make the process easier and save you money.  Here are a few that can keep you on track and on budget.

  • Decide on your overall budget and stick to it.
  • Set your priorities. Is practicality important or is it style?
  • Check the vehicle’s crash test safety record. Safer vehicles can save you on your insurance.
  • Shopping for financing can save you more than haggling a few hundred dollars on the price of a car.
  • Make sure you are comfortable in the car by test driving it with a passenger to get their feedback.
  • If you find a car you want, get a complete quote in writing that includes all fees and taxes.

Of course you’ll want to fully inspect your vehicle before taking delivery making sure there are no surprise dents or nicks.

If you would like to know how a particular model will affect your auto insurance rates before you buy it, contact us. A quick phone call to Idaho Insurance can get you a quote on affordable insurance that can save you money in the long run. We are pleased to serve the Caldwell, Idaho area.

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