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Top 4 Night Driving Tips

Night driving can impose additional safety hazards. The effects of wet, rainy, windy, icy, and snowy conditions are all increased when driving after dark, along with the reduction of visibility and reaction. In order to help you drive safely at night, Idaho Insurance/Affordable Insurance has crafted the following top four night driving tips. 

  1. Hone Your Vision: Due to pupil dilation, our depth perception becomes reduced at night. To help counter the latter negative effect, eye doctors recommend scanning the road at night. Keeping your eyes moving will help to improve focus and help you react faster to obstacles, poor road conditions, and other drivers.
  2. Keep Your Vehicle Clean: Keeping your headlights, taillights, turn lights, windows, mirrors, and windshield clean will help to improve your night visibility. Glass surfaces should be cleaned with a rag or newspaper to remove streaks, which can increase night time glare. A clean car is a safer driving vehicle.
  3. Properly Align Headlights: Make sure that your headlights are aimed properly. The National Safety Council (NSC) has shown that nonaligned headlights can negatively affect your visibility and blind other drivers. Avoid staring directly into oncoming headlights. If you are temporarily blinded by high beams, immediately look towards the right corner of the road; this tactic will allow you to safely continue driving, until you have regained optimal visibility.
  4. Stay Alert: It should go without saying, that a distracted driver is an unsafe driver. At night our eyes are often tired. If you feel as if you are becoming tired whilst driving, immediately pull over to rest your eyes and stretch limbs. When driving at night be sure to also give the driver ahead of you additional space.

To learn additional safe driving tips, please contact Idaho Insurance/Affordable Insurance today. Located in Caldwell, Idaho, their team of expert agents are standing-by to help you choose an auto insurance, which best suits your needs.

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