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5 Guidelines to Follow Before Purchasing a Boat

Are you considering purchasing a boat but unsure of what steps to take? First things first, you have to consider the additional insurance payment on top of the hefty price you’ll be forking over for the vessel. Keep these 5 helpful guidelines in mind so you don’t have any surprises after you come home with your new boat:

  1. Consider the size of the watercraft you are interested in. Boats are typically classified as under 26 feet whereas yachts are over 26 feet. This will be a factor in your boat insurance policy.
  2. Check your state’s regulations regarding boat insurance requirements and licensing requirements.
  3. Call the insurance provider of both your auto and homeowners insurance policies and ask about bundling to receive discounts.
  4. Next, speak to your insurance agent about which coverage options are necessary based on your specific circumstances.
  5. Consider all the risks and liabilities you may be faced with when choosing which coverage options to choose.

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