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Summer Grilling Safety Tips

People around the world look forward to the cozy summer evenings when it is finally warm enough to BBQ and relax outside. However, this can quickly change in the case of a BBQ grill accident. Approximately 7,000 Americans are physically hurt each year using their BBQ grills. It is crucial to remember safety guidelines when grilling outside.


Here are some tips for how to stay safe while grilling:

  • Be sure to keep your grill at a safe distance away from your house or porch. It should be clear of wooden overhangs, and be at least 10 feet away.
  • Clean your grill on a regular basis in hopes to prevent excess grease and fat that may fuel a fire.
  • Ensure that your grill is not leaking gas.
  • Keep water close in a spray bottle, just in case.
  • Understand how to operate a fire extinguisher, and make sure that you set it close to your grill.
  • Never turn the gas on while you have the grill covered. You risk experiencing a fireball in your face.
  • Always keep an eye on the grill.
  • Never grill inside the house. Carbon monoxide will be released, and can harm you and anyone else in the house


Follow these simple directions and you’ll be sure to never miss out on any summer fun due to a grill-related injury! For any questions about insurance, contact Idaho Insurance, located in Caldwell!

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