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5 Ways to Secure Your Home This Summer

Sadly, summer is too often associated with burglaries. With homeowners leaving windows open for ventilation and going on vacation, criminals tend to perform the most break-ins during the summer months. Take these 5 helpful tips into consideration to protect your home this summer:

  1. Many people are unaware of how maintaining their lawn has an effect on their vulnerability. Keep shrubbery and trees well maintained to prevent a criminal from hiding in the tall bushes.
  2. Refrain from hiding our spare key anywhere near or on your property. Instead, entrust your key with a trustworthy neighbor or close friend.
  3. It is smart to set up a security system and place the recommended secured sign in front of your home. Even if you don’t actually have a security system, the sign typically throws criminals off and they’ll start looking for a more vulnerable home.
  4. Install motion-sensor lights so that burglars are startled by the “presence” of someone.
  5. Most importantly, refrain from posting about your vacation on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Criminals now use your social media activity to determine the best time to go forth with the crime.

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