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What’s Under Your Umbrella?

An umbrella policy is a catchall policy designed to help you out of a tight spot after you’ve exceeded the limits of your homeowner’s insurance.  This can seem like a broad category of coverage; mostly because it is!  Here are a few scenarios in which an umbrella policy can be relied upon to assist you.

Personal liability coverage for an event which occurs off of your premises.  An example of this would be if your dog bites or attacks a neighbor.

Property damage or personal injury caused by yourself, a member of your family, or hazards you are legally liable for that are located on your property.  Think about trampolines, swimming pools, jungle gyms, or any number of items which may cause injury.

Legal fees incurred for false arrest, libel, wrongful eviction, or slander; alternately fees affiliated with defending yourself in court.

If you have further questions about the limits of umbrella coverage, you should consider speaking with an insurance professional.  For more information on an umbrella policy or to get a quote in Caldwell Idaho, contact Idaho Insurance / Affordable Insurance today.

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