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High & Dry Can Be A Good Thing: Water Damage & Homeowners Insurance

High & Dry Can Be A Good Thing: Water Damage & Homeowners InsuranceAvoid water damage expense with these tips and Caldwell, ID homeowners insurance.

Water damage is almost always a bigger hassle and expense than you’d expect. You drink water all the time, use it to clean yourself and your house, and even swim in it. You’d think, then, that a little of it in your home wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Actually, just an inch of water can do tens of thousands of dollars of damage in your house!

To make sure you don’t face significant—and significantly expensive—water damage, use these tips and carry Caldwell, ID homeowners insurance.

  • Give your gutters some love. It’s a hassle to climb up on a ladder and scrape all the debris out of your gutters but trust us, it’s worth it. Not having properly cleared gutters will have your water spilling everywhere it shouldn’t be, including down into your house.
  • Befriend a snake. Drain unclogging chemicals are appealing because they’re pretty hands-off. Unfortunately, they’re also harsh and can not only impact your family’s health but might also eat your pipes away. Instead, invest in an inexpensive drain snake from your local hardware store and cut right through clogs!
  • Watch your bill. How many of the water pipes in your house do you see on a day to day basis? Not many, we’d imagine. That means that your best way to spot a leak before it does too much damage is by looking for an unanticipated increase in your water bill.

Of course, even all of your careful preparation can be swept away by a problem over which you had no control. While your preventative measures will reduce the chances of this happening, you still need to be prepared! Contact Idaho Insurance / Affordable Insurance in Caldwell to make sure you have the right Idaho homeowners insurance to help you rise above rising waters.

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