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What Impacts Life Insurance Rates?

If you’ve ever wondered why some people pay more for life insurance then others, it will help to understand what affects life insurance premiums. Here is a look at the factors that will affect premium costs, and could even possibly prevent its acquisition.

  • Age. Generally the younger you are, the less you will pay.
  • Weight. If you are overweight for your height, you will likely pay more.
  • Disease. Diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to asthma will have a significant negative effect.
  • A Dangerous Job or Hobbies. 
  • Drug use. Legal or illegal long term drug use will increase premiums.
  • Tobacco use. Quitting smoking can help you save.
  • Your Driving Record. Yes, it’s true. Too many moving violations in a short period of time could disqualify you from the best rates.

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