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Why an Independent Agent?

There are important differences between an independent insurance agent and a captive agent. Captive agents are limited to one company’s insurance plans. An Independent agent has a variety of providers from which to select the very best coverage to meet your needs.


Rate Advantages


Insurance rates change just like everything else. An independent agent knows the current trends in the market as well as the current trends in rate adjustment for each of the companies represented. The best rates available can be selected for your coverage.  


Coverage Advantages


Your specific needs require a specific service plan. Your independent agent can select from a variety of available options to best serve your needs. And when any of your insurance needs change, you don’t need to switch agencies just because your current company doesn’t offer what you need. Your independent agent simply writes your policy with a different company.


One-Stop Shopping


There is no need to shop for your homeowners’ policy with one agent and your business and auto policies with another. Your independent agent can write policies from the companies that best serve each of your needs.


Contact Idaho Insurance with your questions or for a quote. We’re here to help. As an independent insurance agent we offer affordable insurance through a wide variety of providers, and we proudly serve Caldwell, Canyon County, and all our friends in Idaho.

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